Meet the Parks

Co-founders of Forever Families of Canada Inc.

Harold and Wendi Park, along with their children, live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They enjoy an open door policy to the many children and young adults that God has brought into their home in recent years – making for a very busy social worker who tries to keep their file up to date in their ongoing adoption process.

309723_10150941779880858_613307723_nIt hasn’t always been like this for the Park’s. In fact, after the birth of their second biological child, their family was complete… or so they thought. But their world was turned upside-down when they made a family trip to South Korea to celebrate their child’s 1st birthday. It was there that they attended an Orphan Sunday church service where God began a conversation that forever ruined them for ordinary.

That same night, both Harold and Wendi were awoken with the same vivid dream about their calling to adopt. What they didn’t realize at the time, was that God was also leading them to give up their ministry vocations that they loved (with The Salvation Army) and personal plans to be part of a movement in Canada for vulnerable children and their families.

Harold loves to help families. After years as a prison chaplain and counselling pastor, he is passionate about walking with people through life’s challenges and providing a source of Hope. He is currently completing his doctoral program in Marriage and Family Therapy with a focus on parental resiliency for Christian adoptive parents. He is trained in TBRI, Empowered to Connect, Circle of Security, and other practical tools to help families.

Wendi loves to bring vision to reality, through networking and leadership development. After years of executive leadership with The Salvation Army in urban multicultural social services and community development, she is passionate about integrating faith in community-building, collaboration with both secular and faith sectors, and seeing families ultimately thrive because of it. Wendi has been a student of educators and mentors from around the world in her Theology, Church Planting and Global Studies programs and continues to see learning as her lifelong hobby. Currently she is part of an online academic community through Asuza Pacific with colleagues from around the world who lead in similar capacities.

IMG_4248Harold and Wendi are blessed to be parenting Kehlen (8), Mikhala (6), and KD (14) whom they just welcomed into their family this past Spring through adoption from local foster care. Isinino (24) is now married and  became mommy to a beautiful daughter. The Parks are learning first-hand about the role of advocacy, systemic challenges, spiritual warfare, and intentional living that breaches status quo.

The Parks would love to hear your story and are always looking to see how Forever Families of Canada can serve you, your church, and your community in effectively caring for waiting child.