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Vulnerable children are more than numbers, but do these children count to Canadians? The following are sourced estimations of vulnerable children around us.

Terra_globe_icon_lightWhat in the World?

153 million—Total estimated number of orphans worldwide
34.5 million—Estimated number who’ve lost father only 17.8 million – Estimated number of “double orphans”
101 million—Estimated number who’ve lost father only
17.8 million—Estimated number of “double orphans”

(Source:  U.S. Government “5th Annual Report to Congress on Public Law 109-95 and affirmed by UNICEF)

UNDERSTANDING ORPHAN STATISTICS – by Christian Alliance for Orphans

Maple_Leaf_by_Merlin2525Oh Canada

80K—Total estimated children in foster care
30K—Estimated children waiting for adoption
100K—Estimated children aborted annually (Campaign to Life – Canadian Statistics)
3K—Estimated annual domestic adoptions
<2K—Estimated annual intercountry adoptions
1K—Estimated children aging out of care annually without a family

Within the first two years of leaving care (aging out):

Park-1940% of youth will be homeless at some point
25% will be incarcerated
Only 44% of youth who age out of care will complete high school
Only 3% will earn a college or university degree
Nearly 60% of young women leaving care will have a baby within 4 years
30% will suffer the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder

(Source:  Dave Thomas Foundation Canada, November 4, 2014) 


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Under construction. Due to non-standardized record-keeping across Canada, unique to regions and authorities, Forever Families of Canada would be grateful for credible research articles and sourced statistics from your region. Please contact us.