5 Ways to Collaborate with Us

Do you desire to see the Church across Canada be connected, equipped, and mobilized to effectively care for vulnerable children?  Here are 5 ways you can collaborate with us:

1) PRAY:

Park-20Amidst all the positive progress we see occurring across Canada, we also experience much spiritual warfare and challenges. And that’s the good news! We are pioneering some new-for-Canada territory with the Church and prayer is needed so that meaningful progress can be made in this sizable vision before us. Sign up for our newsletter to get periodic emails with specific prayer requests. Send us an email to let us know you are praying for us. Thank you for praying.



Park-2Consider the gift of time and talent. Do you enjoy event planning? Administrative tasks? IT? Creative arts? Share your story? Hospitality? Does your company have professional skills that could be shared? Contact us and let us know in what capacity you may like to get involved (in big or small ways). Many hands make light work.


Piggy Bank and canadian dollarsForever Families of Canada is a non-profit organization with newly acquired charitable status. We have learned that God can do big things on few dollars, and can be trusted to provide all our needs. We also know more can be done with the tangible support of those who desire to invest in the vision set before us. Your funds or donation of items help Forever Families of Canada develop the network across Canada, research and respond to relevant Canadian issues, provide needed supports and resources to families, and mobilize local churches to get involved. Click here to donate.


Contact us about getting your local church, denomination or faith-based organization on our free network. It’s a great way to be connected and supported in the unique ways God is calling you to care for the vulnerable children and their families. 

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Invite us to come join you. We love partnering with local churches, colleges, and organizations in seminars, events, or worship experiences. Contact us if you are thinking of doing something and would like our participation.

Be sure to be part of the new BELONG SUMMIT 2017 that will be held October 20-21 in Winnipeg, MB. It will gather churches, organizations and individuals from across Canada for a time of connecting, equipping and mobilization.