Frequently Asked Questions

Photo by Lisa Hamm

Photo by Lisa Hamm

So, are you an adoption/foster care agency?

No, we do not facilitate adoptions or foster care directly, nor are we taking the role of social work. We are a Canadian Christian network with a specific focus on waiting children and their families. Navigating the world of adoption and foster care can be intimidating and obscure, so we exist to connect, equip and mobilize people with  people / churches / organizations / government who are directly involved in preserving, creating and supporting families.  (what we are about link)

Park-5What can Forever Families do for me?

There is something for everyone. Forever Families of Canada wants to network with people from across Canada to help facilitate meaningful connections, supports, and educational opportunities. The general public will be seeing more collaborative awareness initiatives related to waiting children, with a particular focus in educating and mobilizing the local church. Foster and adoptive parents benefit from helpful resources, links to other organizations, counselling support and educational opportunities. Churches have the opportunity to be equipped with resources, host events, and be supported in local ministry initiatives. Organizations and government have the opportunity to be heard and connected to local faith communities who desire to be part of the solution for waiting children.

How can I get involved?

We primarily want to see the network serving local Canadian communities, not vice versa. There are many ways to get involved. One way you can get involved with Forever Families of Canada might simply be connecting with us and letting us know how you are involved already, or ways we can partner with you. Others of you have gifts, abilities or resources that you would like to invest in Forever Families. Be sure to contact us and we can get the conversation started. Seriously consider attending our upcoming Belong Summit, October 20-21 to see how you could get involved.


Piggy Bank and canadian dollarsHow are you funded?

When Harold and Wendi Park both left their secure salaried jobs to venture into this ministry, they joked that it was the most literal form of NON-profit they had ever done – in that they didn’t have a cent to work with at first. Forever Families of Canada was birthed in faith that God would provide, and He has – not providing all the ministry’s wants or perceived needs, but all its needs, and some.

Whether that be via pro-bono professional support, private sponsorship of the Park’s, or ministry donations, Forever Families has experienced many unsolicited miracles of provision to move the ministry forward into the vision that God has given. Overhead costs are low as the Park’s work out of their home and backpack, but funds will be needed to be able to build up the network, facilitate seminars and training in local churches, and help mobilize churches in their local expression of ministry.

Forever Families of Canada is now a registered national non-profit, is a member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) and is in the process of gaining federal charitable status. Your investment of donations are greatly appreciated.

Why another non-profit organization?

Good question! Don’t we have enough non-profits and para-church organizations in Canada already?!

First off, we are not replacing the role of the local church – but are here to serve them.
In research and consultation with many across Canada, we overcame our biases and apprehensions of starting yet another entity, to recognize that the desired mandates of Forever Families were unique and merited the entrepreneurial development of a new non-profit that organizations and churches could network into. There is a void for this type of ministry and a need to respond to the overwhelming sense of isolation that most felt in their context. While there are Canadian churches and organizations who are passionate about caring for waiting kids and mobilizing the local church, no entity had it within their mandate or capacity to facilitate the much needed and desired networking aspects. Through this networking, we hope to make education and mobilization across Canada more accessible by working together. You may be interested in reading our blog: “A Canadian Movement, eh! – Fact, Faith, Fad or Fiction?”


Photo by Lisa Hamm

If you are faith-based, do you work with others who are not?

Yes! While Forever Families of Canada is firmly rooted in Scripture and the belief that God is calling the church to care for children, we also believe that the Church must listen and learn and be present within the context of community – the whole community. We are passionate about connecting with government, organizations, and community to explore ways the local church can be equipped and collaborate for a common cause.

Do you have other questions that are not listed here? Please contact us.