NEWS FLASH! We JUST received Charitable Status!

Your generosity helps


Parents, churches & organizations across Canada in caring for vulnerable children — online and at events – helping each other navigate adoption, foster care, and family preservation in meaningful relationships. ($ = more connecting opportunities + more comprehensive support).


Canadians to effectively respond to children & families in crisis with solid theological understanding, leading resources, and relevant training opportunities. ($ = more resources + more training opportunities).


Canadian churches to discover their locally owned vision and niche in caring for vulnerable children — through strategic collaborative efforts and leadership development initiatives. ($ = more local churches reached to serve).

Forever Families of Canada Inc is working hard to ensure every dollar is used to it’s greatest potential. With not a penny to start the organization but with faith in God’s provision, the emerging ministry has been blessed both tangibly and intangibly by the support of individuals, churches, and organizations. While operating on a shoe-string is their “specialty” (since 2013),  every dollar raised and each lending hand given helps build greater capacity to serve Canada.

100% of all donations received are invested in the very practical and strategic ways Forever Families of Canada connects, equips and mobilizes the Canadian Church to effectively care for vulnerable children. The founders are supported through private sponsorship and do not receive salary from the donations received.

100% of funds come from private donations, as Forever Families of Canada is not reliant on funding from any government sources.

100% of the administration is accountable to the board of directors, the CRA, and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC). General financial information will be posted here upon completion of the first fiscal year, and we are happy to answer questions you may have in this first year. Forever Families of Canada is subject to annual audits, in compliance to CRA regulations.

As a new federally incorporated non-profit, Forever Families of Canada is pleased to be a member of the CCCC and has been blessed with the council and support of a legal team specializing in non-profit organizations, as well as accountants and leadership mentors in the launch of this new organization. Forever Families of Canada is now one of Canada’s newest registered charity!

Your contribution helps to build a vibrant Canadian network for parents, churches and organizations. It helps Canadians become equipped in effectively caring for vulnerable children, through educational opportunities, research, and resources. It helps mobilize local initiatives; taking it from an isolated burden to a connected and equipped mission.