YES, we have Charitable Status!

Bring on the Generosity for the sake of vulnerable children & families!


Help us connect the dots across the nation! We connect the dots between churches, communities, organizations and government social services across Canada. It includes many miles of travel, pots of coffee, and hours on end with on-line technology. Good news ~ people are longing for connection, and we are seeing the impact when people in isolation are connected to others. We are better together!


Awareness & education matter! Help us create awareness and provide tools for churches across Canada so they can effectively collaborate with other key stakeholders and effectively care for vulnerable children and families in their neighbourhoods. Forever Families is passionate about equipping in the areas of theology, Indigenous awareness, trauma-informed care, community development and leadership. We believe that everyone has a piece in the child welfare puzzle and needs to be adequately equipped for their unique part.


As we connect and equip more churches and build a larger on-line Canadian connected community, we are able to connect the faith community to real opportunities that are presented to us. Forever Families keeps our ear to the ground in the child welfare scene and is regularly consulted by social service agencies and non profit organizations who are seeking equipped grassroots communities found in our faith-based network. It’s been proven, that connecting and equipping works! It moves people! Families are being reunited, children are finding forever families, distressed parents are finding supports, churches are rising up to solve local problems. There is a God!

Forever Families of Canada Inc is working hard to ensure every dollar is used to it’s greatest potential. With not a penny to start the organization but with faith in God’s provision, the emerging ministry has been blessed both tangibly and intangibly by the support of individuals, churches, and organizations. While operating on a shoe-string is their “specialty” (since 2013),  every dollar raised and each lending hand given helps build greater capacity to serve Canada.

100% of all donations received are invested in the very practical and strategic ways Forever Families of Canada connects, equips and mobilizes the Canadian Church to effectively care for vulnerable children. The founders are supported through private sponsorship and do not receive salary from the donations received.

100% of funds come from private donations, as Forever Families of Canada is not reliant on funding from any government sources.

100% of the administration is accountable to the board of directors, the CRA, and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC). We are happy to answer questions you may have.