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How might our picture of Adoption change if we heard more directly from adoptees?

Adult adoptees have started a social media campaign called Flip The Scrip (#FlipTheScript) to give voice to their first-person perspectives. Hearing about, realizing and understanding the dual realities adoptees live within can better enable us to understand them, their struggles and how best to support all of those involved in the adoption story.

Read he Article about “The Missing Voice in Adoption Conversations here

Equipping Canadians to Help Children Coming From Trauma

It’s no secret that many children who end up in care have come from hard places and suffered different types of trauma. Families, churches and professionals working with these children can help bring healing and God’s hope for a bright future. This April the Empowered to Connect conference will be simulcast to a number of locations across Canada “Equipping families, churches, and professionals to bring hope and healing to adopted and foster children.”


Keep an eye on our events page where we will be listing the various Canadian simulcast locations.

How to Find Hope on the Road of Foster Care And Adoption

How often are families feeling like they are “going it all alone?” The road of adoption and foster care is often filled with brokenness, despair and a lot of hopeless days and can at times be down right lonely! It’s lonely because most of the world will never understand why on earth someone would take a child into their home, that wasn’t biologically theirs. Alone, isolated, and misunderstood is a pretty desperate place to be. This article highlights the importance of supports and having a team. “Fact is, you and I are not alone. That’s how we can have hope. Together.

Team support

Can Trauma be Passed Down in Our DNA?

“Indigenous elders often say that memory is in the blood and bone, that our stories are passed not just verbally but through a kind of genetic memory. Well, it turns out that may not be far from the truth.” Latest research is showing that the effects of trauma can be carried to future generations through our DNA.


Safe Families Canada Assists Parents and Children in Crisis

Shout out to Safe Families Canada, for the great work they are doing – now expanding to more cities across our nation!

“I find that many Christians in Canada don’t necessarily know or come into contact regularly with people who are in need. Safe Families is really just a platform to connect them to those people and to build a network of Christians all serving together.”

“We are just called to love and show mercy as Christ did, and God will do the rest.”

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