Connecting, equipping and mobilizing Canadian church communities to effectively care for vulnerable children and their families.


What’s in a Name?

Forever Families…

Anderson-13Refers to the broader sense of child permanency in families, whether that be through restoration of birth families, fostering or adoption. We believe that children belong in families and that God calls the Church to be inclusive just as our Heavenly Father has restored us and brought us into His forever family.

Maple_Leaf_by_Merlin2525…of Canada

Highlights our roots and priority for “made in Canada” networking, resources, and initiatives. We are excited about the various ways that this organization is being invited to the global table to represent the voice of Canadians, however, our greatest passion and primary focus of the organization is to mobilize within our nation.

reseauChristian Network…

The faith community has the privilege and biblical mandate to be involved in foster care, adoption and family restoration, yet it is also evident that Canadian churches have by in large abdicated from this responsibility or acted in ignorance. Those who do get involved often voice a sense of isolation.

Forever Families of Canada is focused on the Christian sector, not to be exclusive, but rather to connect, equip and mobilize the faith community to be effectively engaged and relevant in society for the well-being of vulnerable children and families.

We want to help connect the dots with you to see this happen.

Anderson-17…for Vulnerable Children and their Families

In Canada, we tend to shy away from politically taboo words such as “orphan” or “fatherless” even though, in context, the faith community has more positive connotations to these terms. Vulnerable refers to those who are in need of permanent stability and recognizes that child welfare presents a continuum of needs from prevention to family restoration to long-term foster/kinship care, to adoption and post-adoption care. Unstable or uprooted due to reasons beyond their control, children find themselves waiting for resolve; to be reunited with birth family, to be adopted by a new family, or all too often—waiting their whole lives for a family. Forever Families of Canada desires to connect, equip and mobilize the Church in effectively caring for these children and their families, where ever they find themselves on the journey.



1) Christian

The Network is distinctively Christian in its core theological beliefs and biblical values, without denominational ownership. The network seeks to build bridges with broader society, while maintaining a faith identity.

2) Canadian canada-649858_1280

Forever Families of Canada values a “Made in Canada” network that reflects the issues, voices, and vocabulary that are relevant to our context. While having global affiliations and access to broader resources, the network seeks to champion Canadian voices and local innovation.

3) Collaboration

Forever Families of Canada values relationships and thus seeks to connect the dots within the Christian sector as well as other relevant service providers, so that greater local impact can be made with the support and diverse niches of others. We recognize that there are many perspectives and approaches to caring for vulnerable children and that these seemingly contrasting perspectives can be valuable in respectfully promoting informed action and best practices of the Network’s membership.